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TUFF LOVE is an exhibition with work by Karl Holmqvist at the Power Station Dallas, April 13 – June 15, 2016. It consists of two large-scale sculptures in a site-specific installation, a short film, a live performance and an artist’s book, designed by Studio Manuel Raeder specially for the exhibition. “Through readings, sculpture, painting, installation and performance, Holmqvist’s work is given along with and in language, not formed separately from it. Here, words sourced from pop culture and their subsequent arrangement and intonation are prioritized over their literal meaning or origin. Spoken words take on the volume of sculpture. A word is a sculpture a sculpture a word. Holmqvist’s interest in the structural composition of words draws from the capacity for the re-signification of language through multiple forms of deployment.”


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Word squares designed by Karl Holmqvist and Benedikt Reichenbach. Published to coincide with Holmqvist’s 2017 exhibition at the Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva.


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