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With a book, an installation in our window space and an outdoor performance series, Claudia Hill presents the travel diary of a handwoven poncho. In her project that spans ten years, the artist challenged the participants to ask the question: What is the most essential element of what you do, and how can it be shared in a significant way? Hill shows this to be an urgent question, locating the value of art in its relational and transformative contingencies. The poncho was passed between artists in different geographic locations during this ten-year period. Every artist, or occasionally someone on their behalf, handed it off to the next participant, and Hill would prompt them: “Do something with this, and then send me something.” The results of these projects will be published in a book with 30 different contributions, released alongside the exhibit. In the book, as well as through the video project on view at Efremidis, Hill evokes a collective consciousness emerging from this garment. Weaving the poncho was the starting point of the piece, and this gesture ultimately became one of care and togetherness. As poet CAConrad exclaims, “I feel the beautiful residual haunting of those who wore it before me!”


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